R.I.P. — Wayne Rogers and Natalie Cole

Just as 2015 was ending, we lost two more stars, Wayne Rogers and Natalie Cole. 

Wayne Rogers, 82, who portrayed wisecracking Army surgeon “Trapper John” McIntyre in the first three seasons of TV’s “M*A*S*H,” died Thursday, 

Natalie Cole, legendary songstress, dead at 65.

I remember watching “M*A*S*H” when Wayne Rogers was on it. I think I learned to like the show more in the reruns when I was a little older. 

And I have always been a fan a Natalie Cole. Some of my favorite songs by her are:

  • “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)”
  • “I’ve Got Love on My Mind”
  • “Our Love”
  • “Miss You Like Crazy”
  • “Unforgettable” with Nat King Cole
  • “A Smile Like Yours”
  • “Inseparable”

Both of these stars will live in the shows they starred in and the music the sang. 

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