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Today Was A Good Day


It’s been a while since I felt that I had a good day, a really good day where I smiled and didn’t feel sad. It feels like I’ve been coasting for the past year and half. Probably since my brother, Joe died.

I didn’t really think I would have that happy feeling again. Not saying that I didn’t have times where I laughed and spent time with good people. I guess I just didn’t let it in.

But today, It started off as a good day. At work, I was working with people that I truly like, respect and get a long with well. I got some good news. We had a good lunch (I had Indian food for the first time.) And the day ended with me talking with someone I had never meet in person, only through Lync, and felt like we had known each other forever.

On my drive home, I was thinking of something my Aunt told me after Joe died. She lost her mother and brother, just like me. She said that they would want me to be happy, not sad. To move forward. I guess it’s take me this long to finally feel it.

So, today was a good day and I’m looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.


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