My Wednesday Night

I wanted to share my unusual Wednesday night. 

Here are some of my posts.

1st, yesterday (Tuesday) I woke up with a swollen leg, that was red and tender to the touch. Went to work and popped Advil like Tic-Tacs.

Wednesday, I called the doctor, sent pictures and he told me to go to the ER right now! Just in case it might be a blood clot. Which that is what killed my brother. 😩 (Just the thought of that put me on an emotional roller coaster.
Hello. Still in the ER. They took lots of blood and I had an ultrasound to check for clots. That’s about it for right now. 

And we have ruled out Zika virus, Ebola and TB and sorry no little Mexican cousins for your son. 

Sorry so late. Just saw the doctor. I’m going to live. She said I have Cellulitis, which is a spreading bacterial infection of the skin and tissues beneath the skin. She’s giving me antibiotics and pain meds. She wants me off for the next two days (she’ll go be me a note if needed.)

My final post from my ordeal:

Well, this was a fun way to spend my Wednesday night. Turns out I have Cellulitis and not all the other things I found on the Internet. The doctor gave me some mighty big antibiotics and pain medicine (woo whoo!) and she wants me off from work the next 2 days (aww… I’m sad about that.. what time is The Price is Right on?) Thanks for all the prayers and good juju, I felt them all the way down here in South Texas. ❤

Thanks to all my family and friends for sending me prayers and good juju via Facebook. That is probably one of the best things in Facebook on getting information to your family and friends. 

Side Note:

If there is something wrong with you, don’t look on the Internet to try to figure out what you have. Believe me, you start thinking you have all different kinds of stuff. 

Go to the doctors and get it checked out. I’ll be seeing a doctor at the end of the month for a way long overdue appointment. 

And sorry to my nephew, Brad and niece, Pam. I didn’t contact you when I was going into the ER. I know we have a rule to let each other know when serious things like that happen. I would say next time, but hopefully there will not be another time. 


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