E-mail Accounts

Don’t tell me I don’t have an exciting life! This past weekend I cleaned out my e-mail accounts. I know, you’re thinking, this is a wild woman!

Not sure if anyone else has a couple of different e-mail addresses like I do? I have my very first e-mail account with AOL. Oh, how I miss that voice com bag from my computer saying “You’ve got mail.”

Then there is my primary e-mail, secondary e-mail, fun e-mail,  junk e-mail and the mysterious e-mail account. 

One of my e-mail accounts, the junk one, had over 10,000 junk, spam, legit e-mails in it. Guess I should read some of the e-mails that I get?

Now, I was doing all this cleaning of the mailbox on my cell phone and this particular account would let me only delete 50 at a time! 

Oh, the fun of deleting those e-mails. I thought I would organize them like my primary e-mail account, in their designated folders and all (that’s another problem I can post about another day.) 

So, now the account is up-to-date and I’m planning on keeping it that way. I let you know how it’s going in six months. 

I just there are others like me out there that have several different e-mail addresses out there. 

Because it’s fun when you check them and say to yourself… “You’ve got mail!”

Side Note:

Hello Josh!


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