Wise Words

This is a post that my friend, Debbie posted. We have been friend since the 2nd or 3rd grade.  

She is dealing with something that no one wants to deal with when it comes to seeing your parent ill. 

My prayers are with you and your family. I will try to live by what you wrote. 

I feel like I need to remind everyone I care about to not be so stubborn. If you need help, or if you know what you’re doing isn’t making you healthy and happy and are able to enjoy life the way God wants you to, then go get help. Ask for it or accept it when people offer. There are people out there in this world who dedicate their lives to helping others. They do research for new medication or get training to save lives – they know what it takes! Say yes! Try new things until you feel good and can be healthy. Do it for your family and friends who love you. I know a lot of people who ignore their health issues, or are afraid to see the doctor. They tell everyone, “I’m fine.” Knock it off!!! Take back your health! Go to the damn doctor and then take care of yourself! Make good choices and good change in your life. Your life matters to someone. So, if you relate to this rant in any way, call your doctor, eat a healthier lunch, get some exercise, quit smoking & drinking and if you know something isn’t right get to the doctor immediately. The world is stupid enough, don’t add to it by being stupid about your health. Seriously! Unless you are living under a rock in the woods, you have people in your life who care about you. Your life matters to them and they want you to enjoy that life. Rant over, but I hope you are taking it to heart. đŸ˜ 


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