Rebuild My Record Collection

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I brought a record player with the intent of playing records. One small issues, I don’t have any albums to play.

Back in the day, I have over 200 albums. Everything from Elvis to Charlie Rich. But when the CD craze started, I got rid of all my albums. Now, I need to start off over again, building up collection of records I can find.

Along with my album collection, I had a lot of 45″ records too.¬† Oh, how I would lie next to my record player, playing the little records over and over again. Those were fun times… until the damn record would skip!

So now I’ll be searching eBay and to rebuild me album collection. Hopefully I can find some at a good price and find some of my favorite ones.

Side Note:

Hello Josh! I’m getting closer to a million hits!



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