First Road Trip in the Terrain

Well, I’m planning my first road trip in my new GMC Terrain. I’m not sure where I want to go. My choices right now are:

Shreveport, Louisiana


South Padre Island, Texas

I’ve never been to the Northern part of Louisiana before. So that would be something different. It’s about six hours away from it live and it’s in a route I’ve never been on. A co-worker even gave me two suggestions on where to eat if I go there. 

South Padre Islands is about three hours away and I’ve been close to it, but never there on the island. 

Could be nice to see? I haven’t been to the Gulf of Mexico since my “drive” in the Gulf of Mexico last year. Not sure I want to drive my car on the beach yet. 

So, I’m planning to take this road trip next month. I just need to decide where to go. 

Any suggestions from anyone who reads my blog?

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