Song of the Day – Ready To Go

Today song of the day is for my friend, Patrick (aka Sweet PEA).

Ready to Go” (1996) by Republica.

When Patrick and I worked at The Palace of Auburn Hills together, we would go and see the Detroit Vipers, IHL hockey team play. They would play this song at every game.

Patrick hated this song. Every time it came on, I would look at him and ask “who sings this song?” He would just give me the evil eye and tell me. Funny thing was, that I knew who sung this song, but I loved getting him mad about me asking all the time.

Funny how a song can bring back so many fond memoires. I miss my friend  Patrick. We had so much fun together. While we were at The Palace, we became really good friends. We did some many fun things together. Go out to dinner, go concerts, make S’mores in his office (don’t ask how), have coffee and talk for hours and watch college football games.

When he moved to Atlanta, I even went down there to visit him. We had lots of fun there too. We went to The Flying Biscuit Café Buckhead. I had such a great visit with him there.

Now he is in California now and its been a while since we saw each other. I am thinking about taking a long weekend next Spring to go and visit him. I am looking forward catching up with my old friend.

Patrick is the type of friend that you don’t have to see or talk to on a regular basis. But when we do get a chance to talk to each other, it like no time has past and there is that trust there that we can say anything and everything. I know that if I ever needed anything, he would either be there or help me through whatever it is. And I would do the same for him, in a heartbeat.  I am learning that those types of friends are hard to come by and I’m learning to value that type of friendship more and more.

So when I do make it to California, I’m going to make sure that I have this song ready to play on my iPhone. Just for him!

Love ya, Sweet PEA!

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