5-Month Countdown Celebration

I have always loved my birthday. It’s truly the only day that is yours. Well, this year’s birthday is a big one — 50 years old. And like I’ve done in the past, I like to start the celebration 4 to 6 months early.

For the 5-month until my birthday celebration, I will be going to Las Vegas with my sister and her family. There will be 7 of there and I’m looking forward to making new memories with my family.

The 4-month until my birthday celebration — Taking a road trip to Shreveport, LA. I’ve never been there and a co-worker gave me some restaurants to check out while I’m there. After my last road trip to Port Aransas, my new crossover vehicle has a pretty smooth ride.

The 3-month until my birthday celebration — Looking into going Deep-Sea fishing. This is another thing I’ve never done before. I’m looking for someone or a group of us to go. It would be fun and I would love to catch something from the Gulf of Mexico.

The 2-month until my birthday celebration — Still trying to figure out what I’m going to do for this celebration.

My birthday on December 17th celebration — will be my birthday party. A combination of a Quinceanera, Sweet 16 and Bat Mitzvah. I want to invite my family and friends to celebrate with me. Not sure where I’m going to have it yet, but it will be someplace fun.




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