Prayers for An Old Friend

I’ve said it before, I like Facebook because I have been able to reconnect with family that I don’t get to see often and dear friends from when I was growing up and met throughout the years. 

One of those friends is Reuben. There was a post on Facebook the other day about him having surgery on his kidney and removing a tumor. 

Right after I read it, I instantly had flashbacks of us growing up together in church. I’ve been friends with his family since I was in 2nd grade. So I’ve known him and his family for a very long time. 

I haven’t seen him since I left Michigan. But I know, if we saw each other now, it would be like no time has past at all. I guess those are the friendships that I need to cherish and value. 

So, I’ve commented on his posts and told him that he and his family are in my prayers and I hope for a full recovery. 

One day, we’ll see each other in person. But for right now, I’m glad we are (still) friends on Facebook. 

You’ve got this one, Reuben. ❤


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