Ask Big

I’m not much in watching Joel Osteen’s ministry on TV. But the other night, it was on and didn’t change the channel.

His message was Ask Big.

#681, Ask Big

When we pray and release our faith—when we ask God to work in our lives—our asking opens the door for His great work in our lives. But, we have to ask.

Jabez prayed a bold prayer to God in 1 Chronicles 4:10. Despite his upbringing and surroundings, he dared to ask God for His blessing. “Oh, that You would bless me indeed.”

Are you asking big prayers, or are you letting your circumstances, how you were raised, how impossible it looks keep you from big prayers? Don’t let a lack of asking keep you from God’s best in your life any longer! Let this message inspire you to ask big so you can walk in the fullness that God has for you and become everything God has created you to be! (from

This struck several cords for me. And like many things that happen in my life, God is sending me messages that I need to listen to and open my heart to. But there are some roadblocks that I need to overcome before I can do that.

So I guess my first “Ask Big” prayer should be, how do I overcome those roadblocks that I have built around me?

Recently, I asked for prayers, good vibes and good juju to be sent my way. My family and friends showered me with all of that and more. So I know there are people out there that do care about me. I just need to let down my walls and learn to care about myself. I can’t be that bad of a person if all of those people took time to show me that they care for me.

So, how I’m I going to change that? That’s going to be a mighty “Ask Big” prayer.


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