Les Brown — Trust and Let Go

​I have no idea why I am going through the things I’m going through right now. Some of it is totally new territory for me and it scares me. 

So when I saw this post by Les Brown, I needed to save it, read it and try to live it. 

I’m not there yet, but I have to believe that I’m heading somewhere. 

Make it a great day. 

Trust and Let Go

Do not underestimate yourself. You are capable of more than you can ever imagine. When life presses in on you the hardest, that is when your breakthrough is near. Press on. Do not stop to think about the work you have to do.  Just put yourself on auto-pilot.

Hold yourself to a higher standard daily. Your family, friends and co-workers all look to you for their cues. Be mindful to lift the vibration in every room you enter. Treat yourself to a higher belief system. Trust and let go. Greatness is in your DNA. God don’t make junk. Each day you have a new chance to develop new ideas, reach for new goals and conquer new mountains. Chase down your dream like it is the last bus of the night. Go get it!  You have something special. You have Greatness within you!!


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