Three Rules

Well, I learned this the hard way. 

From now on, I’m going to live by “My Rules”. It’s the only way I know that I will not feel like I have these past couple of months. 

1) Don’t lie to me. One way or another, the truth comes out. 

2) Don’t use me. I will do anything and everything I can for you. But when it’s only one-sided and expected… I’ll pass. 

3) When we both agree that we can TRUST each other and you break that trust… you may NEVER get that trust back. 

Might not be the healthiest way to live your life. But I need to start looking out for myself and taking care of myself. 

I am worth having someone, be it family or friend, treat me with the respect that I give them. 

If you can’t handle these rules, then so be it. 


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