Birthday Countdown – 5 Days

We are getting closer to celebrating my birthday. Someone asked me the other day, “why am I throwing myself my own birthday party?”

Well, there are a couple of reason:

First, I’m Sylvia Garza and I tend to do what I want to do and not following the given path. Since day one, I think I’ve been that way.

Second, the way I see it, I earned every day that I am alive and I want to live life as much as I can and have some fun along the way.

Three, I’m really not the type of person to wait for someone to do something for me. Why wait when I can throw the kind of party I want, have the kind of food and fun that I want?

So, those are some of the reason I am throwing my own party. And until the day I can’t, I will always be celebrating my birthday with a style.


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