I Smell Cake*

One of the most entertaining sports reporter past away the other day — Craig Sager.

Craig Graham Sager, Sr. (June 29, 1951 – December 15, 2016) was an American sports reporter, covering an array of sports from 1981 until the year of his death for CNN and its sister stations, TBS and TNT.

Sager is best-known for his work as a sideline reporter pacing the floors of the National Basketball Association for The NBA on TNT, in which he received his first Sports Emmy Award nomination in 2012. A natural entertainer, Sager was famous for his outlandish choices in clothing — an immense array of sport coats and suits ranging from the garish to the ghastly. Sager rarely wore the same spectacularly ugly outfit twice, with one reporter investigating the population tallying 137 jackets before giving up — other uncounted closets scattered throughout Sager’s house. He was a 2016 inductee of the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame. (From Wikipedia.com)

I always enjoyed watching him on the sidelines at the basketball games on TV. And I saw parts of his speech he gave when he was awarded the Jimmy V Perseverance Award at the 2016 ESPY Awards show for battling cancer.

The sports world lost one of its greats.


Side Note:

* My brother, Joe and I would always say this to each other after someone famous died.

“I smell cake! If Uncle Bernie died, someone’s gonna have to go on a beer run!”— Dan Dorian

“My Cake” is the sixth episode of Scrubs’ fourth season. J.D.’s father dies and he and his brother Dan have to cope with it.



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