Goodbye to 2016

This is perfect. So much tragedy has happened as we are getting close to saying goodbye to 2016. I’ve learned so much about how precious life truly is . Don’t sweat the small stuff , but always stand up for yourself and those you love.

To all those who are having a difficult time and seems life is unfair, it truly could always be worse. So many people would love to have your troubles, just know how truly blessed you are to be able to say I love you to your loved ones everyday and to be able to wake up tomorrow and healthy. 

May 2017 come with strength for a new start . 

Love life and everything that comes with it. Grow from all obstacles thrown your way. 

God doesn’t give us things we can’t handle, he gives the hardest battles to his strongest warriors.

If he brings us to it he will get us through it. 


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