I Smell Cake*

Well, one of my TV crushed past away today.

Richard Hatch, star of the original “Battlestar Galactica” and the Syfy remake, died on Tuesday after a battle with pancreatic cancer, his manger confirmed to Variety. He was 71.

I really couldn’t tell you about any of the episodes that watched as a kid, but oh how I loved Apollo and Richard Hatch. 

R.I.P. Richard Hatch and thank you for being one of my TV crushes. 

Side Note:

* My brother, Joe and I would always say this to each other after someone famous died.
“I smell cake! If Uncle Bernie died, someone’s gonna have to go on a beer run!”— Dan Dorian

“My Cake” is the sixth episode of Scrubs’ fourth season. J.D.’s father dies and he and his brother Dan have to cope with it.

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