Song of the Day

I have always loved this song.

“Instant Replay” (1978) by Dan Hartman.

Here are the lyrics, in case you want to sing along.

Instant Replay

(Ten nine eight seven six five four three two one)

You set my lips on fire
You won the key to my heart
You’ve got a special way to move me
Don’t stop now let’s do it again
You keep me dancing through the moonlight
I feel the pleasure in your touch
And everything you are is heaven
Oh I can’t get enough no I can’t get enough

(Instant replay) I’ve got to have it
(Instant replay) ooh whoa ooh-ooh
(Instant replay) got to have your love again

I feel so good about us
I found a shining star
And when I look into your eyes it’s magic
Well I just know this can’t be a dream
I’m so happy must be real
In every way it’s getting stronger
Now you know it let me show it

(Instant replay) I’ve got to have it
(Instant replay) woo-woo-woo-ooh
(Instant replay) got me floating on a cloud
Got me dancing all around all around all around (woo)

Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Eeya-eeya eeya eeya-eeya
D-doo d-doo d-doo-ooh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
(Instant instant)
(Instant instant instant replay)
Ah ah ah
(Instant replay) instant replay (x2)
(Instant replay) woo ooh ooh ah
I can’t stand it I can’t stand it
Got to have it ’cause I need it
Don’t ya know don’t ya know don’t ya know
I need your love
I need your love love love
(Instant replay) let me show it (instant replay)
(Instant replay) I need your love
(Instant replay instant replay)
Ooh and I’m feeling overcome (instant replay)

Saying for the Day

Make it a great week.

Movies from 30 Years Ago

Here are some movies that came out 30 years ago on 1988.

Coming to America


Die Hard



They Live

Grave of the Fireflies

Rain Man

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

My Neighbor Totoro

Mystic Pizza

Who Framed Roger Rabbit


Dangerous Liaisons

A Fish Called Wanda

Cinema Paradiso

The Great Outdoors



Mississippi Burning

Working Girl

Song of the Day

I have loved songs from movies. This has to be in my Top 5 favorite songs from a movie.

“God Is Trying To Tell Me Something” from The Color Purple.

I couldn’t share this song, without sharing one of the greatest scenes from a movie.

Saying of the Day

Sometimes, I just need to remember what I have and be grateful and humble.

Can You Smell Them

I saw this picture and the first thing that came to me was the small of lilacs. Oh, how I miss that smell. We had a tree in out front had at the house I grew up at.

Need to order a candle so I can smell that smell whenever I want.

Recipe to Try

Here is a recipe that I found and need to make.

Simple Italian Shrimp


• 2 lbs. of 16/20 count Wild White Gulf of Mexico Shrimp, peeled, deveined and butterflied to the tail (leave tails on)

• 1/4 lb. melted butter (or 1 stick)

• 1/4 cup dried oregano or Italian seasoning (your choice)

• 1 large lemon, squeeze the juice out for later use then cut into thin slices

• 2 tsp. of Old Bay with Garlic & Herb Seasoning

• 1 tsp. salt


1     combine the melted butter. lemon juice and seasoning into a 2-quart bowl

2     whisk all of the ingredients well for a few seconds

3     add the peeled shrimp and mix together gently and coating thoroughly

4     top the cookie tray with heavy duty aluminum foil

5     layer the top of the foil evenly with lemon slices

6     add the shrimp on top of the lemon slices until the entire tray is filled

7     place tray midway in a  preheated 350-degree oven and cook for 12 -15 min.

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