Need To Be Calm

I can easily go bat-shit crazy in less than 30 seconds, but right now, I need to be calm.



Life is about to get really interesting for me. But for right now, I need to be able to count on my friends.

I’m going to need all the stars I have.

I saw this and I really need to go down the list and get rid of the things I don’t need.

When and if I move again, I will not move junk across State lines again

The first things that need to go:

  1. Towels with holes
  2. Movies I don’t watch
  3. Old magazines
  4. And God forbid… Excess Tupperware/plastic containers

Starting Today

Today of all days, I needed to see this.

For those of you in my past, present and future. I need this more for myself.

This me for me Tom finally let go and move on with my life.

Just What I Needed

It never fails… I see/read something that I need.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Make it a great day.

Life is Good

Words to live by.

I was having a Pity Party for One today and then I read this.

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