What’s Next

Well, the year is coming to an end and I’m getting ready for what 2018 will bring. 

But first, I need to celebrate my 51st birthday coming up on December 17th. For my post from last year, y’all should know how much I love my birthday. 

This past year has been an interesting adventure of ups and downs, highs and lows. I’ll be posting the “year in review” later.

But for now, I saw this and had to save it and post it for 2018. I’m ready for What’s Next. 

Make it a great day. 


Do Better

Saw this post and it hit me right on the head.

I’ve been thinking about a “friendship” I thought that was real and was one that was always going to be there. But it wasn’t. I’ve been thinking that I should take the higher road and repair the friendship. But after reading this… why should I?

I need to Do Better and it’s that person who is missing out on a friendship.

Thanks to that friend who posted this. It’s just what I needed.

Congratulations to Brad and Emily

On Dec 2nd my nephew, Brad married Emily.

My father, Brad’s grandfather and I made the trip to Kentucky to be a part of there special day.

I’m beyond blessed to be Brad (and Pam) Aunt. I love them more than words can say.

God bless Brad and Emily in their newest adventure.

This was the song they danced their first dance as a married couple. “You Are The Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne.

A Day In The Life…

Well today was a day for the books. 

It started off right when I got to work this morning. I got a call from my dad and he told me he was in an accident in front of our house. He said he was fine, but if I could come home. 

I left work in a hurry (2nd time I’ve gotten an urgent call like that I work) and drove to our house. We only live about 8 minutes away, so I got there pretty quick. 

The first things I see when I turn on the bend are sheriff trucks, a fire truck, an ambulance and my dad sitting in the back of his truck, which is on the ditch across the street from our house. 

My heart stopped for a second there. 

I pulled in front if our house and crossed the street to talk with him. He was fine, no injuries, but his Chevrolet Silverado, well she was toast! 

After telling my dad he needed to go to the hospital, we headed there. 

We were there for about 2 hours until they released him. The said he’s fine, but he’ll be pretty sore these next couple of days. 

The truck can be replaced, my dad cannot. So he had some angels watching over him this morning. Thanks Mom and Joe. 

After that, I went to work for a couple of hours. I needed to get my head thinking of something else. And someone was taking care of my dad. 

After working for a couple of hours, I went to see Willie Nelson in concert. There was no way I could get out of using the ticket. So I went. 

Willie Nelson put on an amazing show. Love his songs, but I’ve got to say, his guitar playing leaves you breathless. 

When he sang “Angels Flying Too Close To The Ground”, I had a tear in my eye. I love that song. And today it had more meaning to me. 

So now, its the end if the day. I’m tired, more mentally than physically. Just when you are doing good and finally heading the right directions… BAM! Life hits you right in your face. 

But I’m going to say my prayers and give thanks. And say… What a next?

How True

Words to definitely live by.

Happy Heavenly Birthday Mom

I want to wish my mom, Lydia M. Garza, a Happy Birthday in Heaven. 

This is the same post that I gave been using for a couple of years on my mom’s birthday. But my feelings have not changed one bit. 

I miss her every single day. 

I know she is heaven with my brother, Joe enjoying this day together. I miss her so much. After five years, I think of her everyday. I actually smile and laugh when I think of her. But there are those times when I miss her so much, it brings tears to my eyes.

But I know she is in heaven with Joe and her family having a grand old time! Till we meet in heaven… I love you.

Roses in Heaven…

Swoon… Andy Gibb

Be still my heart. Oh, how I wish I still had my Tiger Beat magazine posters of Andy Gibb.

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