Here We Go

Right Now

I need to belive this more than ever right now. 


What a difference a couple of months can make. 

To those who are true friends… thank you. 

To those who I thought were true friends… thank you for the lessons learned.

To those who listened to me and not judge… thank you. 

I believe all of this has gotten ms to where I am at right now. 

The next adventure is about to start real soon. 

I’ve got to be happy. 


Found these and wanted to share them. 

Make it a great day. 

Getting Older

Saw this and wanted to share. Since I turned 50, I see things in a different light. 

Maybe I am getting wiser… ohh… bright light… what was I talking about?

Make it a great day. 

Need to Remember This

Thought of the Day

I’m making my choice… I’m ready to be happy. 

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