Need To Believe

I need to say this to myself over and over.


Comfort Zone

The man upstairs is trying to tell me something.

Saw this and it’s what I’ve been thinking and need to do.

Think it’s time to get out of my comfort zone.

Cup of Tea

Here we go again… really think God’s sending me all of these for a reason. I need to listen to them and love them.

I saw the person who really shattered my world and for a hot second I thought, what was wrong with me? And why did this happen to me?

But then I see this and I snapped out of it.

Saying for the Day

Make it a great week.

Saying of the Day

Sometimes, I just need to remember what I have and be grateful and humble.

Words for the Day

Wanted to share this with all. I’ve posted the before, but after reading it again, I want to post it again.

Make it a great day.

Words To Live By

Saw this and it was just what I needed to read. I was feeling like I had to chase someone… But I don’t and I won’t.

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