Need to Remember This

Thought of the Day

I’m making my choice… I’m ready to be happy. 


Words to live by. 

Thought of the Day

Power of Positivity 

Saw this on Facebook and I think I need to join the group.

I need some Power of Positivity in my life. 

12 Things To Always Remember

Had to share this. 

I like #4 and #7.

True To My Words

Well, being true to my words that I have been saying these past couple of months…

The first friendship lost for the year happened. This was a person who told me to my face that we were friends and that they trusted me and that I could trust them. I believed that for a while, but their actions were totally something different.

I gave them a 2nd chance (3rd chance) and thought we could still be friends, but after what I have seen and heard, I am tapping out! I am DONE!

I’m sure that person probably won’t even care, but at least I will know where I stand and I will not allow myself to give one more ounce of thought to them.

So to that person who was once my friend… thanks for the hard lesson on who I can count as my friends. You are definitely not one of them.


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