TV’s Best Theme Songs

I was going through my notes on my iPhone and I found this. You know how much I like lists. I don’t even know where i got this list.

Check this list out. I’m not sure if the #1 pick would be mine.

TV’s Best Theme Songs

10. “Welcome Back, Kotter”
9. Miami Vice
8. Rawhide
7. 77 Sunset Strip
6. The Ballad of Jed Clampett
5. Dr. Kildare
4. Secret Agent Man
3. Peter Gunn
2. Hawaii Five-O
1. Happy Trails

“Singin’ in the Rain”

Last night I went saw “Singin’ in the Rain” (1952) for the first time at the theater celebrating the 60th anniversary of the movie. I am glad that I got to experience my first watching the movie at the theater.

“Singin’ in the Rain” (1952)

While I was sitting there waiting for the movie to start, I had to stop myself from Googling the movie. I had no idea what the movie was about. All I knew about the movie is that it starred Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds and that Gene Kelly sang and danced
Singin’ in the Rain.” Other than that, I was clueless on what the movie was about.

From the start of the movie, I had a big smile on my face. And whenever there was a close-up of Gene Kelly… it took my breathe away! He was so damn handsome in that movie. Seeing this movie, only made me love Gene Kelly even more.

Gene Kelly as Don Lookwood in “Singin’ in the Rain” (1952)

Beside it being one of the greatest musical, the movie has one of my all-time favorite songs in the world… “Singin’ in the Rain” sung by Gene Kelly.



I think, whenever I’m walking in the rain, I sing this song in my head. The other songs in the movie are not too shabby either, “Make ’em Laugh” and “Good Morning“. Donald O’Connor was amazing when he sang and danced to “Make ’em Laugh.”

I highly suggest that whenever one of the classic movies is playing at a local theater near you, go and see it. Check out Fathom EventsFathom and Turner Classic Movies, to see what’s coming to your local theater.

Upcoming movie are:

TCM Events Series Presents the following classics:


I’m going to be there!

Where are they now?

I was thinking of the stars that were on TV or in the movies from when I was growing up and here is the list I came up with.

Gene Kelly

Vivian Vance

Connie Francis

Ray Stevens

Ricardo Montalban

Buddy Hacket

Imogene Coca

Elayne Boosler

Joey Heatherton

Lola Falana

Robert Wagner

Harry Chapin (December 7, 1942 – July 16, 1981)

I have a vague memory of watching Harry Chapin on The Mike Douglas Show. He was sing “Cat’s in the Cradle” and there was a child actor on the show who was crying when he played that song. And of course, I couldn’t remember who was that child actor… until now. The child actor was Mason Reese. He was in television commercials in the 1970s.

Jonathan Winters

It amazing me that I can remember things like this, but if you asked me what I did last Thursday… pfffft! Nothing.

Gotta keep on smiling!

“Don’t Let Go” by Roy Hamilton

Here is one of the newest songs that I added to my iPod. “Don’t Let Go” (1957) by Roy Hamilton.

I heard this song while I was in South Carolina on a radio station that played really cool music from the 50’s and 60’s. They played a lot of songs that I never heard before or have heard before but never paid attention to.

I did know anything about Ray Hamilton, but I think I need to find more of his songs to add to my collection. I read that Elvis Presley was a big fan of his.

From left to right: George Klein, Elvis Presley, Roy Hamilton and Chips Mormon. (Photo from The Official Roy Hamilton tribute site.)

Roy Hamilton (April 16, 1929 – July 20, 1969) was an American singer, who achieved major success in the US R&B and pop charts in the 1950s. He is best known for his recordings of “You’ll Never Walk Alone“, “Unchained Melody” and “You Can Have Her”. (from

Side note:

Links to other sites about Roy Hamilton — The Official Roy Hamilton tribute site.

And just in case you want to sing along to the song.

Don’t Let Go by Roy Hamilton

Hear that whistle, it’s ten o’clock
Come on baby, it’s time to rock
I’m so happy I got you here
Keeps me grinnin’ from ear to ear


This feelin’s killin me
Aw Shucks
I wouldn’t stop for a million bucks
I love you so
Just hold me tight and don’t let go

Thunder lightnin’ wind and rain
Love is poundin’ inside my brain
I’m so eager I’m nearly dyin
You been keepin’ your lips from mine

(Repeat refrain)

Hound dog barkin’ upside the hill
Love is draggin him through the mill (yeah)
If it wasn’t for havin’ you
I’d be barkin’ and hollerin’ too

(repeat refrain)

One day baby you’ll quite me yet
I’d be cryin and soakin wet
One thing baby I’ll never stand
Your lips kissin’ some other man

(repeat refrain + fade)

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