Sylvia’s Life List a.k.a. The Bucket List

I have seen several sights regarding wish list of things to do before they “kick the bucket.” So because I like to borrow people’s idea, I thought I would create my wish list of things to do in my life. I have decided to call it my LIFE LIST.

So I am just going to start listing things that i want to do. If I have already done some of them, I will highlight them. If I have any pictures of completed items, I will post them.

I don’t consider this a contest or failing if I don’t complete everything on this list. There also may be things that I will add on this list over time. Regardless, I just thought if I wrote something down, I would get off my butt and start doing things on my Life List.

To be continued…

Here is my list as of September 15, 2008:

The Bucket List – Things to Do Before I Die

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  1. Write down your personal mission statement, follow it, and revise it from time to time
  2. Get married
  3. Have some kids
  4. Win lotto
  5. Visit to Seattle, Washington
  6. Meet an Olympic athlete (Nancy Lieberman, Sandy Brondello, Claudia Neves)
  7. Drive cross-country on Highway 66
  8. Figure out how many licks it really takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop
  9. Get a life outside creating lists for a blog
  10. Visit the Great Pyramids in Egypt
  11. Learn how to change the oil and change a tire on my car
  12. Learn how to ballroom dance
  13. Watch the sunset at Florida Keys
  14. Get a photograph published in a magazine or book
  15. Live in Boston, Massachusetts (Lived in Brockton, MA)
  16. Visit Myrtle Beach
  17. Learn how to ski
  18. Draw something other than a bunch of stick figures
  19. Learn how to sew an outfit
  20. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  21. Go to some fancy ball
  22. Buy a round of drinks at a bar
  23. Watch Gone with the Wind
  24. Own my own home
  25. Watch the sunrise/sunset over the Grand Canyon
  26. Attend at least one major sporting event: the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the US Open
  27. Throw a huge party and invite every one of your friends
  28. Swim with a dolphin
  29. Learn to speak a foreign language and make sure you use it
  30. Watch the launch of the space shuttle
  31. Visit friends in Los Angeles, California
  32. Pay for a family member/friend way to visit
  33. Forgive my cousin Frank
  34. Get a picture taken with a movie star — have a picture of Louis Anderson and me.
  35. Read the Constitution of America
  36. Spend a whole day eating junk food without feeling guilty
  37. Learn how to take a compliment
  38. Play in the snow on a mountain
  39. Give your mother a dozen red roses and tell her you love her
  40. Send a message in a bottle
  41. Plant a tree – planted one at my childhood home
  42. Write a fan letter to your all-time favorite movie star – got an autograph picture from John Travolta and Mark Harmon
  43. Visit the Senate and the House of Representatives to see how Congress really works
  44. Be the boss
  45. See a massive iceberg
  46. Eat caviar and drink champagne
  47. Take a boat ride around New York City
  48. Fall deeply in love — helplessly and unconditionally
  49. Shower in a waterfall
  50. Learn to play a musical instrument with some degree of skill – just got a flute (played one when I was in Jr High)
  51. See a lunar eclipse
  52. Get passionate about a cause and spend time helping it, instead of just thinking about it
  53. Make a complete and utter fool of yourself – have done this one a couple of time!
  54. Write my will
  55. Sleep under the stars
  56. Forgive my parents
  57. Visit Vancouver, British Columbia
  58. Find a job you love
  59. Overcome your fear of failure
  60. Donate money and put your name on something: a college scholarship, a bench in the park
  61. Accept myself for who I am
  62. Go up in a hot-air balloon
  63. Give to a charity – anonymously
  64. Go deep sea fishing and eat your catch
  65. Create your own web site – I have one, need to get it back online
  66. Create your Family Tree
  67. Catch a ball in the stands of a major league baseball stadium
  68. Reflect on your greatest weakness, and realize how it is your greatest strength
  69. Go on a cruise — April 2015
  70. Visit Australia
  71. Visit one of the Natural Seven Wonders
  72. See an Aurora Borealis
  73. Make a quilt
  74. Buy a diamond ring for myself
  75. Get a tattoo
  76. Eat a seven course meal
  77. Go to Hawaii
  78. Own my own car – debt free — Since 2010
  79. Go on safari in Africa
  80. Be a bride’s mate
  81. Watch a baby be born in person
  82. Visit a Renaissance Fair
  83. Visit Mount Rushmore
  84. Fly a kite
  85. Sing karaoke enthusiastically
  86. Have cosmetic surgery
  87. Fire a gun
  88. Earn your degree — got my Bachelor’s Degree from Spring Arbor University in 2003.
  89. Get out of debt
  90. Save about 6 months worth of expenses in your emergency fund
  91. See a ball game at Wrigley Field — afternoon game with my brother, Joe
  92. Read the entire Bible
  93. Write my name in wet cement
  94. Acquire a great piece of jewelry
  95. Fly first class — there was that one time, but I mean whenever I fly.
  96. See a living great white shark
  97. Pay off all our student loan debt
  98. See The Monkees/Davey Jones in Concert
  99. Say “Follow that Cab” — in Chicago.
  100. Stand on the equator
  101. Have my picture in a newspaper
  102. Live abroad
  103. See the Harlem Globetrotters play
  104. See the Northern Lights
  105. Yell “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!” in a crowded area
  106. Build a working piece of furniture
  107. Get professionally certified
  108. Vote
  109. Be on TV
  110. Be successfully self-employed
  111. Learn to play the piano
  112. Go to Mardi Gras
  113. Go to Carnivale
  114. Go white water rafting
  115. Do a fundraising event for charity
  116. Watch a sunrise
  117. Lose weight and keep it off
  118. Live by the shore
  119. See a Broadway play
  120. Take a night-time carriage ride through Central Park
  121. Host a family reunion
  122. Visit Italy
  123. Learn to play golf
  124. Live life to the fullest
  125. Have a family portrait taken (last one in 2007)
  126. Live in another country for a year
  127. See a game show in person — Sept 2015, Price is Right… Live
  128. See 10 movies on the IMBD Top 250 made before 1970
  129. Put $100 on red
  130. Go through my Outlook contacts and either contact these people or delete them
  131. See a hurricane
  132. Stay in the best suite in a five star hotel
  133. Touch the Stanley Cup
  134. Go on a demonstration
  135. Donate blood
  136. Wear a large hat at the Kentucky Derby
  137. Set foot in all fifty states
  138. Go a day without speaking
  139. See a NBA/NFL/MLB and NHL game
  140. Throw a dart into a map and travel where it lands
  141. Attend a film premiere
  142. Drink a vintage wine
  143. Start a business
  144. See on the beach — Port Aransas and Padre Island, Texas (Dec. 2008)
  145. Be apart of the beginning of a s new sports team – The Detroit Shock. (Thanks, Judy)

10 Responses

  1. Did you sit there and write them all out at once or is this an ongoing list? You might wanna win the lotto FIRST LOL You might need it to have the hubby & kids 😀

    Great list, though 🙂

  2. I really like the fact you’re calling it a Life List. Makes a big difference in how you look at it, doesn’t it?

    Good Luck and best wishes on successfully accomplishing your Life List.


  3. I did not know you wanted to do some of these things – a good read – thanks for writing.

  4. Very extensive list. If you put your mind to it, anything is possible.

  5. Yes I know it has beem 30 years but i do think about all of you very often . I tell my kids about all the things we used to do i know i was only 10 when we moved but i can remember things back when i was 4 or 5 . i feel like i just left and my heart hurts so bad i cant stop crying .I’m praying for all of you ,i wish i could be there please tell CINDY and your brother (dont know how to spell New-nee ) tee hee and your dad i love all of you guys . please wright back Teresa Hall

  6. Hey mate, what theme is your site using? It’s incredible

  7. I think that helping to birth a major sports team (WNBA Detroit Shock) should be on your life list – you can color that one blue! L, J

  8. This is a great idea! I hope you don’t mind but I used the same idea and posted my Bucket List on my own blog…

  9. Lover those lists. 😀 it’s a great idea.

  10. I think i will accomplish one of your life list .
    I will be going to San Padres in Texas. I have done some things in my life but I have never put it down on paper , this is a good idea !
    I like to travel and i do the finger choice , look at the map and say here we Go , it is a nice way to learn from other places
    enjoy your future goals in your list

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