Hometown Favorites

I think I have blogged about this website before, but I recently revisited the website and wanted to share some on my favorites.

Hometown Favorites specializes in candies, condiments and everyday food items from back home. Begun in 1996 by a stay-at-home mother of five searching for favorite childhood candies, Hometown Favorites has grown and expanded to include over 2000 “hard to find” food products. Hometown Favorites has been featured in a variety of publications and television shows including Good Housekeeping, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, People, Oprah, Good Morning America and many others as the premier on-line source for nostalgic and retro foods.

From Skybars to Maypo Hot Cereal, My-T-Fine Pudding to Cinnamon Toothpicks, Hometown Favorites stocks over 2000 favorite products; items that used to be readily available at the corner grocer but may now be in limited availability in your area. If we don’t stock it, we will try to track it down for you.  Our gift center and new retro toy aisle provide gifts and ideas for even the most discriminating recipient. Our fun selection is available to the individual consumer or for corporate gift and promotional needs.

I love finding things from when I was growing up. Like Nostalgic Candy, Breakfast Foods and Baking Supplies. They even have a link for Discontinued Foods.

Here are some of my favorites that I found on the website:

Zotz Sour Fizz Candy — I love these candies. I would either suck on them until they started to fizz. Or I would crunch them really fast. Or I would put a couple of them in my mouth and pretend to be a mad dog!

Chuckles Jelly Candy — I had a method on how I ate this candy. I would eat them in this order: the orange one, then the green one, then the yellow and saving the red one for last. Then I would throw away the black one… I did not like the licorice one (and still don’t.)

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats Cereal — I love this cereal. My friend, Rita and her boys introduced this cereal to me.

Fresca Soda — I also thought this was a “cool” person’s pop to drink.

Indian Pumpkin Seeds — I remember going to the five and dime store in my grandparents small hometown, La Costa, Texas when I was little and getting these. I tried them a couple of years ago and my arm went numb! There was so much salt on those poor little pumpkin seeds…

Chef Boyardee – 2 Pepperoni Pizza Kit — Ugggh, I remember my pizzas would come out in the shape of New York! And I would eat the pepperonis while making it and then I wouldn’t have enough for the pizza when it was ready to be cooked!

Here is a list of Discontinued Candy & Grocery Foods that are gone, but not forgotten:

  • 1-2-3 Jell-O
  • Bacardi Breezers
  • Baskin Robbins Hard Candy, Jamoca Almond, Neapolitan, Tanganilla
  • Doritos Sour Cream & Onion flavor
  • Dr. Pepper Gum
  • Grape Tang
  • Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum
  • Marathon Bar
  • Nabisco Dip in a Chip
  • PBMax Candy Bar
  • Seven Seas Creamy Italian

Oh, wouldn’t it be nice if some of those were still around!

Check out the website to see if they have any of your favorites there.

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