R.I.P. Glenn Frey

Man!! I can’t believe that another entertainer has past away. Today when I checked my e-mail I saw that the founding member of The Eagles, Glenn Frey died at the age of 67.

Glenn Frey

One of my favorite songs be The Eagles is “New Kid In Town” (1976).

 “New Kid in Town:” The first single off of 1976’s “Hotel California,” ”New Kid in Town” features Frey’s lead vocals and Don Henley’s harmonies. They co-wrote the song with frequent collaborator J.D. Souther.

And one of my favorite songs by him as a solo artist was “The Heat Is On” (1984).

I think he was my favorite member of the band because he was born in Detroit, Michigan. I remember when he guest starred on Miami Vice in the first season episode “Smuggler’s Blues” and when he was in the film, Jerry Maguire.

R.I.P. Glenn Frey. You’re music will live on forever.

The Streets of Heaven are too crowded with Angels tonight… by Joshua Hill

The streets of Heaven are too crowded with Angels tonight.
Don’t let them be forgotten, don’t let them fade away.
God bless their memory, God bless our nation’s
The streets of Heaven are too crowded with Angels tonight.

The Streets of Heaven are too crowded with Angels tonight…
Based upon an excerpt from The West Wing episode 20 Hours in America (Part 2)


Detroit Lions

As long as I live, I will be a Detroit Lions fan. Being born and raised in Michigan,  there is always that little hope and prayer that the Lions will win the Super Bowl.


Steve Perez / The Detroit News

The Spirit of Detroit statue sports a Lions jersey on Friday on Woodward in Detroit.

Hopefully, they will win against the Dallas Cowboys tomorrow and continue the path to win it all.

So all you Lions fans out there, stand proud and be loud for a Lions win.


This may be the year they do it!

This Is Detroit

If you grow up in Michigan or is a fan of Detroit, you need to check this video out.

Thanks, Jason for doing this video.

Fist of Detroit Apparel
check it out: http://www.fistofdetroit.com/
Follow them on Twitter:  #ThisIsDetroit

The Stanley Cup Finals

Penguins Stay Alive, Top Red Wings in Thriller

Did anyone watch Game 5 in the Stanley Cup finals last night? I thought I would watch it to see the Detroit Red Wings win another Stanley Cup. But after 3 Overtimes, the Pittsburgh Penguins beat them 4-3.

I think that game was the first game I watched from start to finish. And what a game to pick to watch!

Game 5 the fifth-longest in Stanley Cup final history.

The game lasted four hours and 30 minutes, ending at 14 minutes before 1 a.m. It was a fantastic, though elongated contest.

from Nationalpost.com

I am still picking the Red Wings to win the Stanley Cup, but it would have been nice to win it at home — at Joe Louis Arena, in front of the fans.

So weather the Red Wings win game 6 in Pittsburgh or have to play game 7 in Detroit, the Red Wings will be the Stanley Cup champs!

Res Wings


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