Happy Birthday, Bradley James Keesler

Today is my nephew, Bradley James Keesler’s birthday. He turns 29 years old today.

From the very moment that my sister, Cynthia told me she was pregnant, I have loved this kid! Not a day goes by that I don’t count my blessings that I have this person in my life.

He has grown into a wonderful young man. I cannot wait to see what she does with the rest of his life. The sky is the limit on what he can do.

So I want to thank my sister and my brother-in-law for raising such a good person and to my niece who has been a part of his growing to be the man he has become.

I love you, Brad more than words can say. I know that you have special people watching over you and blessing you along your way.

Brad Keesler in Rome

Happy birthday and I love you.

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