The Top 25 Songs of 1966

The Top 25 Songs of 1966, according to Billboard Magazine 

1. “I’m a Believer” – The Monkees

2. “The Ballad of the Green Berets” – Sgt Barry Sadler

3. “Winchester Cathedral” – The New Vaudeville Band

4. “(You’re My) Soul and Inspiration” – The Righteous Brothers

5. “Monday, Monday” – Mamas & Papas

6. “We Can Work It Out” – The Beatles

7. “Summer in the City” – The Lovin’ Spoonful

8. “Cherish” – The Association

9. “You Can’t Hurry Love” – The Supremes

10. “Wild Thing” – The Troggs

11. “Reach Out I’ll Be There” – Four Tops

12. “Paint It, Black” – The Rolling Stones

13. “When a Man Loves A Woman” – Percy Sledge

14. “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” – The Supremes

15. “Hanky Panky” – Tommy James and The Shondells

16. “My Love” – Petula Clark

17. “The Sounds of Silence” – Simon and Garfunkle

18. “Paperback Writer” – The Beatles

19. “96 Tears” – ? & The Mysterians

20. “Last Train to Clarksville” – The Monkees

21. “Poor Side of Town” – Johnny Rivers

22. “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” – Nancy Sinatra

23. “Good Vibrations” – The Beach Boys

24. Good Lovin’ – The Young Rascals

25. “Strangers in the Night” – Frank Sinatra

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You know…. Famous People Die in Three’s

“I smell cake.”*

WOW! What a past couple of weeks it’s been for the entertainment world. Actors and entertainers we grew up watching have been passing away.

I was getting ready to post something about Ken Howard, who died yesterday (22 Mar 2016), who starred in the TV show “White Shadow”.


But this afternoon, I read that comedian, Garry Shandling died at the age of 66.


I was a fan of his. I remember his show “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show.” There was one episode when Gilda Radner was on it. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen on TV.

While fighting ovarian cancer, Gilda Radner guest-starred as herself on the show in 1988 in what would be her final television appearance. When Shandling asked her why she had not been seen on television for a while, Radner replied, “Oh, I had cancer. What did you have?” (From

In these past couple of weeks, here are some other entertainers who gave dies:

March 23
Joe Garagiola, Sr., 90, American baseball player (Cardinals, Cubs, Pirates) and Hall of Fame sportscaster (MLB GOTW), World Series champion (1946).

March 18
Joe Santos, 84, American actor (The Rockford Files, The Friends of Eddie Coyle, The Last Boy Scout), heart attack.

March 17
Larry Drake, 66, American actor (L.A. Law, Johnny Bravo, Darkman), Emmy Award winner (1988, 1989).

March 16
Frank Sinatra, Jr., 72, American singer (That Face!) and actor (Hollywood Homicide), cardiac arrest.

I just can’t believe how many entertainers have passed away recently. At least the will live on with their performances for generations to come.


* My brother, Joe and I would always say this to each other after someone famous died.

“I smell cake! If Uncle Bernie died, someone’s gonna have to go on a beer run!”— Dan Dorian

“My Cake” is the sixth episode of Scrubs’ fourth season. J.D.’s father dies and he and his brother Dan have to cope with it.

16 Songs Everyone Over 50 Must Own

You know how much I love my music and list, this is the perfect thing for me. I’m not 50 yet (in a couple of more years), but I can’t wait to get my AARP membership form in the mail. Generation X is fast approching “the 50’s” age range and now it seems to be cool to be in your 50’s!

So, if you are over 50, do you have these songs in your music library?

16 Songs Everyone Over 50 Must Own
See if your favorite tracks made it on best-selling author Jacquelyn Mitchard’s list
by: Jacquelyn Mitchard | from: AARP | March 23, 2012

Music stokes my mood, keeps me spinning, on the bike and in life, and recalls for me irreplaceable moments we get to experience once, if we’re lucky. So I’ve compiled a list of favorites from every genre, each of which speaks in some important way to our generation.

#16 In My Life (The Beatles, 1965)
As we reach the September of our lives, we hear it a new way. “There are places I remember, all my life, though some have changed …”

#15 Jailhouse Rock (Elvis Presley, 1957)
The King never did it better.

#14 God Only Knows (Beach Boys, 1966)
Paul McCartney drove his children crazy playing this song over and over, calling it the most perfect of all pop songs and bemoaning the fact that he hadn’t written it.

#13 Crazy (Patsy Cline, vocals; Willie Nelson, lyrics; 1962)
Patsy Cline said she couldn’t sing it, but this song became one of her signature pieces.

#12 For What It’s Worth — Stop, Hey What’s That Sound (Buffalo Springfield, 1967)
Written by Stephen Stills, this haunting anthem of the risks of the Vietnam protest movement still cuts deep.

#11 He Stopped Loving Her Today (George Jones, 1980)
“He Stopped Loving Her Today” refers to George Jones’ love for country queen Tammy Wynette. Its gentle dignity touches your heart.

#10 C’est La Vie — You Never Can Tell (Vocals by Emmylou Harris, 1977)
Chuck Berry wrote this song while in prison. If this song doesn’t put you in a good mood, well, I’m not sure there’s anything that would. The duchess of country pop does it better than anyone.

#9 You Shook Me all Night Long (AC/DC, 1980)
From the great album Back in Black, this is a song about … well, if I have to explain what it’s about, being over 50 still holds a big surprise for you!

#8 Hotel California (Eagles, 1977)
Don Felder, Don Henley and Glenn Frey wrote, “You can check out anytime you like/But you can never leave.” What, exactly, did the Eagles mean by “Hotel California”? It remains a great mystery of rock ’n’ roll—and one of the eeriest rock songs ever.

#7 Landslide (Stevie Nicks, 1975)
If it hadn’t been for Stevie Nicks’ lousy relationship with her co-band member Lindsey Buckingham, we’d have missed one of the most poignant pop songs of regret from this or any era.

#6 Gangsta’s Paradise (Coolio, 1995)
If you never got into rap, listen to these words, some taken from an arrangement of Stevie Wonder’s “Pastime Paradise,” all speaking of the desperate sadness of lifelong badness.

#5 Little Green (Joni Mitchell, 1971)
One of the most intimately confessional, forthright songs ever written, performed by a lyricist whose poetry arguably compares with Stephen Sondheim’s. It’s from the album Blue, which was the one to cry to in high school or college. If you can get through “A Case of You” without remembering the one that got away, you’re a better dingo than I am.

#4 A House Is Not a Home (Dionne Warwick, 1964)
Warwick asserted that this was not her favorite song from her legendary collaboration with Burt Bacharach and Hal David. OK. For my money, this is a torch song that out-blazes Julie London’s “Cry Me a River.”

#3 Lately (Stevie Wonder, 1980)
“Lately,” written and sung by Stevie Wonder, may be one of the master’s most complex and enthralling melodies, a song of infidelity. It’s stunning to recall that the inimitable Stevie had already, by this time, recorded the album Songs in the Key of Life. He was just 30 years old.

#2 Harvest Moon (Neil Young, 1992)
Both written and sung by Neil Young, “Harvest Moon” is one of the most beautiful waltzes about the September years.

#1 Once Upon a Time (Frank Sinatra, 1965)
People say that the definitive version was sung by Bobby Darin. He’s great, but this cut, recorded as Ol’ Blue Eyes turned 50, makes us ache for all the sweet byroads of our lives.

I have all of these songs, I just have to create a song list for my iPod. Most of the songs are pretty good. But I have always had a minor dislike for any and all of Neil Young songs. Not sure why, but I do.

Probably my favorite songs on this list are:

  • God Only Knows by The Beach Boys
  • Crazy by Patsy Cline
  • A House Is Not a Home by Dionne Warwick
  • Latelyby Stevie Wonder

I would love to see a 50+ person rocking out to “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio. That would be a site to see

Happy Birthday to Me


Today is my birthday. I have always enjoyed celebrating my birthday. It’s a day that is truly yours and yours alone.

This year, I decided on having a 3-day celebration (starting on Saturday). It was nothing big. I had some cupcakes on Saturday and Sunday just for myself.

Monday night, I went out for a steak dinner with my family. And to end the day, I had a piece of carrot cake!

Even though it might not have been a huge celebration, it was my kind of celebration.

So if it’s your birthday, celebrate it like you want to. It’s your day and your need to do what you like to do!

Fun Facts from December 1966. Thsat’s right, I was born in 1966 and am proud of every year that I have been blessed with!

Top Hits from December 1966

1. The Ballad of the Green Berets, Sgt. Barry Sadler
2. Cherish, The Association
3. You’re My Soul and Inspiration, The Righteous Brothers
4. Reach Out I’ll Be There, The Four Tops
5. 96 Tears, ? and The Mysterians
6. Last Train to Clarksville, The Monkees
7. Monday, Monday, The Mama’s and The Papa’s
8. You Can’t Hurry Love, The Supremes
9. The Poor Side of Town, Johnny Rivers
10. California Dreamin’, The Mama’s and The Papa’s
11. Summer In the City, The Lovin’ Spoonful
12. Born Free, Roger Williams
13. These Boots Are Made for Walkin’, Nancy Sinatra
14. What Becomes of the Brokenhearted, Jimmy Ruffin
15. Strangers In the Night, Frank Sinatra

Holiday Song of the Week

I was going through my iPod to find a Holiday Song for the Week to post here. There were songs by Elvis Presley, songs by Frank Sinatra, songs by Bing Crosby, songs by Brian Setzer and many, many more. I was having a hard time figuring out which one I wanted to post this week. But this is the one that I finally picked.

All I Want For Christmas” by Mariah Carey and video by HMS OCEAN.

Royal Navy sailors who became an internet sensation with their rendition of a Mariah Carey Christmas classic have arrived home to greet their loved ones.

Hundreds of friends and family lined the dockside to welcome the crew of the helicopter carrier HMS Ocean back to Devonport Naval Base in Plymouth.

They have been on a seven-and-a-half-month mission which saw them play a key role in operations against the regime of Colonel Gaddafi in Libya. (from


After lots of time away last year (214 days) — planned for 7 week deployment exercise with other nations

Diverted to Libya and further operations

Back 9 Dec after 7½ months away – 225 days with 176 at sea

400 people onboard (at peak during the amphibious exercises just under 900 onboard but approx 650 during Op Ellamy)
Steamed just over 40,000 miles
Burned approx 6,000 tonnes of fuel
Operated 16 different type of aircraft off the deck

Realities of deploying:

15 babies born while the ship has been away (fathers did get home to see mum and baby)
5 people were sent home so they didn’t miss their own weddings.
1 sailor whose son’s third birthday is on homecoming. Family meeting ship

Ships company have missed:

Summer holidays.
Children’s exam results
Children finishing school and starting university
The Padre missed his daughter’s graduation.

The ship’s company made a Christmas DVD when they heard they would be home for Christmas.

To read more about this story:

All HMS Ocean wants for Christmas is you, Royal Navy ship home for

DWTS — Week 3

What did youi think of tonight’s show Dancing with the Stars (Season 13)?

I think has a couple of different pairs that could win the mirror ball throphy. The theme of the show was “Celebrating the Celebrity’s Most Memorable Year of Their Lives“. So some of the stories behind the stars pick of songs were touching.

But here is my two-cents:

Who did the best: Chynna Phillips and Tony Dovolani — even though they are tied for second place, I think this team has what it takes to win it all.

Picture from

OK, it might be time to go home: Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer — yeah, yeah, I know it’s all historical and couragious that Chaz Bono is on the show. But now it is the time for the stars to show that they can dance and perform.

Picture from

Surprise of the night: Carson Kressley and Anna Trebunskaya — There is something about Carson and Anna that makes it fun to watch them.

Picture from

Favorite songs of the night:

I’ll be watching the result show tomorrow to see if my pick on who should go home is correct or not.

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