Happy Halloween

I was trying to find a song that would be fitting for Halloween. 

This is the one I picked, “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. 

I remember when this song and video came out in 1983. I thought having Vincent Peoce do the introduction and voice-ovet rap for the song was so cool.

I was glued to the TV when the video camera out on MTV. 

Funny how the zombies are a big thing now and they were in the video dancing with Michael Jackson. 

See, I’ve always said that the coolest music came from the 80’s. 

Happy Halloween and make it a great day. 

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! This song reminds me of Halloween.


Thriller” is a song recorded by American singer Michael Jackson, composed by Rod Temperton, and produced by Quincy Jones.

I can remember when this song came out in 1983. There was a special on MTV about the making of the Thriller video. I even recorded it on a VHS video tape.  It had Zombies before they became really popular in 2015.

As I am sitting her watching the video again, I’m in my chair moving like I could ever dance like they do in the video.

Don’t even get me started on how creepy Vincent Price is talking in the song. And that “laugh” he does at the end… Ay dios mio!

Side Notes:

The track was also listed at number one on “The Top 10 Halloween Songs” by Billboard.

Co-starring with Jackson was former Playboy centerfold Ola Ray.

Tony Fields (1958–1995), who was one of the dancing Zombies, was a Solid Gold Dancer from 1979 to 1984.

The Internet has everything… you want to know how to dance to Thriller? Here you go: How to Dance to Michael Jackson‘s Thriller


Class of 2013

The Class of 2013 inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame were recently announced.

I’m happy with the list of inductees. There are still some that I think should have been inductee a long time ago, but that’s for another post.

Here are three of two of my favorite songs by the Class of 2013 inductees —

The Spirit of Radio” (1980) by Rush.

Side note: I wonder who that guy is at 3:40? How cool to be a part of this video.

And the other one is “Last Dance” (1978) by Donna Summer.

Congratulation to the Class of 2013, your music lives through all that hear it.


I finally got the chance to see the “Weird Al” Yankovic – “Ringtone” video on YouTube.

And it got me thinking about the ringtones that I have on my cell phone. Here are the ringtones that I have for certain people on my cell phone:

My niece Pamela — Theme song from “I Dream of Jeannie” (Going to have to change it to University of South Carolina’s Fight Song, she is a Freshman there is year).

My nephew Brad — University of Kentucky Fight Song (he graduated from there in 2004)

My Aunt Pat — Theme song from “Wonder Woman

My brother Joe — Theme song from “Sanford and Son” (Still shocked that this song was done by Quincy Jones – “The Streetbeater”)

My family — El Mariachi Loco” (If you knew my family, you would understand why I picked this song).

Most everyone else — Theme song from “Good Times

As you can tell, I am a product of televisions shows, it was my babysitter when I was growing up and one of something I enjoy doing as an adult.

Now I’m going to have to some new ringtones to add to  my rotation. Any suggestions?

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