Chicago in Concert

I can’t believe with all the c9ncerys that I have seen, I had never seen Chicago, until last night.

Chicago came to Sam Antonio, Texas on Saturday, May 28th at the Majestic Theater.

 I had a great seat, 13 rows left center of the stage.

I have always been a Chicago fan. I have many of their songs in my iTunes library and I enjoy listening to all of their songs over their 50-year career.

Here is a list of the members who were at the concert last night. The only exception was that Jason Scheff wasn’t there. (From


Robert Lamm – keyboards, vocals, 12-string guitar (1967–present)

Lee Loughnane – trumpet, flugelhorn, guitar, percussion, vocals (1967–present)

James Pankow – trombone, percussion, keyboards, vocals (1967–present)
Walter Parazaider – saxophones, flute, clarinet, backing vocals (1967–present)
Jason Scheff – bass guitar, vocals, keyboards (1985–present)
Tris Imboden – drums, percussion (1990–present)
Keith Howland – guitar, vocals (1995–present)
Lou Pardini – keyboards, vocals (2009–present; touring – 1999, 2007)
Walfredo Reyes, Jr. – percussion (2012–present)

My favorite is Keith Howland. 

I have been trying to find out we was the fill in bassist with no luck. So I posted a picture of him on Chicago’s Facebook page and they responded back to me!

This is Jeff Coffey. He’s a talented guy, glad you enjoyed the show.

The played so many songs. Some I knew every word to, so that I didn’t know they sang and there were some new songs.

Here are some of my favorite Chicago songs that they played:

  • “Beginnings”
  • “Colour My World”
  • “If You Leave Me Now”
  • “Make Me Smile”
  • “Saturday in the Park”
  • “25 or 6 to 4”
  • “Hard Habit to Break”
  • “Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?”
  • “I’m a Man”

I am so glad that I went to see Chicago in concert. 

Now, need to get a Chicago playlist ready to listen to at work. 

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