TV Theme Song

Here is one of my favorite TV theme songs.

From Wikipedia

Welcome Back, Kotter is an American sitcom starring Gabe Kaplan as a sardonic high school teacher in charge of a racially and ethnically diverse remedial class called the “Sweathogs”. Recorded in front of a live studio audience, it originally aired on ABC from September 9, 1975, to May 17, 1979.


Song of the Day

Here is one of the songs in my walking music music lo playlist.
Lovergirl” is the first single from Teena Marie‘s 1984 album, Starchild.

I have always liked this song and had to have it on this playlist. It makes me walk a little faster.

A Walking in Nature

I found a place to walk near my house.

Medina River Nature Area in San Antonio, Texas.

I went there after work and walked the 1.6 mile trail. I had no idea where it would take me. I just followed the trail.

I ain’t lying Craig, I was a little lost and thick in the middle of poison ivy and snakes. But I kept going.

48 minutes +5,000 steps. Here was my view on my walk.

I definitely will be going back there for a walk again.

A Beautiful Day For A Walk

Boy, it’s been a day for me today. I got some news that I was not quite expecting. It took my breath away and I felt like a deer caught in the headlights.

So in the afternoon, I was trying to find a new place to do my walking. I stopped by a place that I’ve passed many times, Mission San José in San Antonio, Texas. It’s my 2nd Mission out of the 5 that are in San Antonio.

It was hot out, but it was so beautiful and peaceful there, I didn’t mind at all. I spent a hour there just walking the grounds. I definitely will be going back there to do more of my walks. It was just what I needed after the morning I had.

Here are some pictures I took. And if you see a picture on the Wikipedia site, you will see a picture like the one I took. I promise the one on here is one that I took.

Now, I have to visit the other three missions.

Mission Concepción

Mission San José ✔️ (Pictures above)

Mission San Juan ✔️ (Pictures below)

Mission Espada

The fifth (and best known) mission in San Antonio, the Alamo,


Once again, exactly what I needed to read. Tomorrow will be getting some news that one way another, will change my life.

At the end, I need to be FINE.

You Can Do This

I have a co-worker, who’s become a friend. They are going through a rough patch right now, but I know they will come out the other side stronger than ever!

You’re in my prayers.


I’m having a meh day today. So when I saw this, it brought back some bad memories and the people/person who I still can’t forgive yet.

One day I will.

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