Thought of the Day

I’m making my choice… I’m ready to be happy. 

The 50 List

Well, I have this 50 Things I’ve Never Done List and having a tambourine was in that list. So, with the gift card from my sister, Cynthia  and brother-in-law, Dan, I got one. I have ALWAYS wanted a tambourine. Watch out the late, great Davey Jones, I want to be like you were playing the tambourine.

I cannot wait till I get it!


Words to live by. 

Saying of the Day

Boy, this one is 100% true.

I have no room in my life for no one who is not honest. 

Random Saved Pictures

Here are some pictures that I’ve saved in my phone. 

My car hit 7575. 

One of my new favorite drinks. 

Got to love the Lions. 

South Texas sunset. 

Hello birdie on Port Aransas beach. 

Two Words

Here are my two words on this post…

Mmmm mmmm!

This is for those who have lied to my face and totally disrespected me. 

I guess when you say “you can trust me”, that was the first of your lies. 

Life’s too short.

Moving forward.   

Thought of the Day

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