Una Noche Mas

Here is one of my favorite Tejano songs

“Una Noche Mas” by David Lee Garza y Los Musicales. 

When I started really getting into Tejano music, David Lee Garza was one of the first ones I listened to. 

Here are the lyrics, just in case you want to see along. 

Una Noche Mas

One Million Hits

WTH! 1,000,000+ Hits!

have over 1,000,000 hits on my blog. 

How did that happen and who are these people who come to my blog?

It all started in August 2007. Hard to believe that it’s been over 10  years since I posted my first post.

So to all of you who read or come to my blog… Thank you very much!

What’s next? Two Million Hits!

Be Thankful

I for sure thought I would know the meaning of life by now. But, as we can tell by my recent posts these past couple of months, I haven’t got a clue!

But after seeing and reading this list, maybe my life is not as bad as I feel it is sometimes. 

Make it a great day. 

So Close to 1,000,000 Views

OMG! I’m coming up to a milestone in my blogging. 

I’m really excited about hitting the million hits. It’s been so much sharing whatever ops in my head with y’all!

What’s next?

Chicago Cubs

From the Daily Beast

The 2016 World Series, featuring the Cleveland Indians vs. the Chicago Cubs, is the battle of teams with long-standing world-championship droughts.

A combined 176 years without a World Series championship. The two teams with the longest title droughts. The Cleveland Indians haven’t won the Fall Classic since 1948; the Chicago Cubs haven’t won since 1908, and haven’t even won a National League Pennant since 1945.

My brother, Joe, was a Chicago Cubs fan. And now they are in the World Series and they have a really great chance to win it all. 

Oh, how Joe must be having fun in heaven. 

So, for Joe, I will be rooting for the Chicago Cubs to win it all. 

Looking Back

I really need to believe this now. Too much happening that I worry too much about. And I know damn well that the other person doesn’t or people doesn’t care at all. 

I’m Worth It

​Despite what anyone may say or try to make me think!

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