Found An Old Friend

Since I have been unemployed for the past couple of weeks, I have had a lot of time thinking about a lot a of different things. Like when I am going to find another job, who is going to be in the Final Four Men’s Basketball and where are those friends that I haven’t spoken to or seen for a long time?

Since I have helped with all of our high school class reunions, Ainsworth High School – Class of 1985 (Flint, Michigan), I have enjoyed contacting people that I haven’t talked to since we graduated. Just the other day, I got an comment on the blog I have for our high school: AHS Class of 1985 Blog from someone that I haven’t even seen since our early years in high school.

So that didn’t stop me from trying to find a friend that I worked with years ago. I have been wondering what happened to my friend, Jason, since we worked together about eight years ago. So I got online and “Googled” him. It took me a couple of tries, but I finally found him. I was trying to figure out how to contact him, then I found him on Linkedin.

LinkedIn strengthens and extends your existing network of trusted contacts.

So I sent him an e-mail, hoping that he remembered who I was. And then about two days later, I got an e-mail from Jason (and he remembered who I was!)

It was so nice getting back in touch with him. He is the type of guy who was a great friend and just fun to be around. I told him that I still have a picture from one of the company’s holiday party with him and other co-workers in it and it’s one of my favorite pictures. He told me he had a picture of us and another co-worker drinking a Shark’s Bowl drink at my birthday party. I thought that was so cool.

After a couple of e-mails, we found out how small of a world it is… his girl lives in Texas (hey I live in Texas too)! He said he’s been down here a couple of times to visit her. I’m going to have to find out the next time he’s coming for a visit, maybe I will be able to see him after all of these years.

So even though I have all this time on my hands, I managed to find an old friend that I have been thinking about. Hopefully we can keep in touch with each other and not let another eight years go by till we talk to each other again.

So the moral of this story: if there is someone that you have been thinking about and haven’t seen or talked to in years, try to find them. Who knows where it will lead you?


Photo of the Week – Vancouver City View


This picture was taken in 2006 on top of the Harbour Centre in Vancouver. I had the chance to travel there for a business trip. In the upper right corner of the picture, you can see the General Motors Place, home of the Vancouver Canucks and other events. Vancouver is a beautiful city and I enjoyed my visit there.

DWTS – Double Elimination

Well, it was the first elimination on Dancing With the Stars.

My picks were:

Men – Adam Carolla and Julianne Hough

Women – Monica Seles and Jonathan Roberts

I was right on the Women’s side. But the Men’s side surprised me.

Penn Teller and Kym Johnson were voted off. They were my next pick to be eliminated.


It was a good show tonight. And if you liked the Jonas Brothers, you must of been in screaming at the TV screen.

Looking forward to next week’s show. GO KRISTI & MARK GO

DWTS – Who Gets My Votes and Double Elimination

Dancing With the Stars is going to eliminate Two celebrities—one male, one female this week

Here are my top picks from this week’s show:

Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas – I like watching these two dance. It shouldn’t be long until they get their first “30”.

Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska

Jason is nice to watch. Tall, dark and handsome!


After the dances from last week, here are my picks of who is going to be eliminated this week.

Men – Adam Carolla and Julianne Hough

Women – Monica Seles and Jonathan Roberts


Johnny Sampier

Johnny Sampier is the son of some very special friends, Dennis and Rebekah, that I have known for almost 10 years.

Johnny has Autism. His parents have worked very hard to make Johnny’s life better. They even have a website about: Johnny’s Story (coming soon), About Autism, News on Autism, Fundraisers and How to Help.

I wanted to share it with you all. Dennis and Rebekah are really special people that I am lucky to know!

Johnny - Age 5

How to Help

Autism continues to be more prevalent in young children. If you don’t already know a child with autism, chances are likely that you will one day. There are many ways that you can help:

1. Pray for the families of those affected by autism.
2. Participate in one of many fundraisers hosted to benefit children with autism.
3. Write to your state senators and representatives if you live in a state with little insurance coverage for autism.
4. As the costs for autism are staggering, you can donate to organizations or individuals who deal with autism.

If you’d like to contribute specifically to Dennis and Rebekah as they battle to help Johnny, please click on the fundraisers tab to participate in one of the many events that raises funds for Johnny’s therapies.

If you are unable to participate in a fundraiser, but would still like to contribute financially, you may do so by sending a check, payable to Johnny Sampier, to:
35915 Evanston Lane
New Baltimore, MI 48047

Thanks for your support! Every little bit helps in the fight against autism!

Favorite dance from Week 1 of DWTS

Here was my favorite dance from Week 1 of Dancing With the Stars.

Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas dancing the Foxtrot.

Dancing With the Stars – The Women

After watching the men dance last night, I was looking forward to watching the women dance tonight. Like I said before, I think this is the season where the women are going to out shine the men.

DWTS - The Women

Here is my take on the women who danced tonight:

Shannon Elizabeth & Derek Hough

First of all, I almost fell out of my chair when Derek said he was a boy last year and this year he’s a man! I thought that was really funny for some reason. I think Shannon will do good, but she seemed too intense and looked like she could knock Derek out.

Monica Seles & Jonathan Roberts

I think the judges were right about Monica. She may be one of the first voted off. Too bad for Jonathan, I like him.

Marissa Jaret Winokur & Tony Dovolani

She really seemed happy to be on the dance floor. I liked watching her and Tony dance. They were fun to watch.

Priscilla Presley & Louis van Amstel

I think she did a great job. She needs to relax a little bit while she is dancing. She looked so serious. And what was up with her “speech” during the scoring?

Kristi Yamaguchi & Mark Ballas

WOW – Kristi and Mark looked really good on the floor. I don’t think her being a ice skater before gives her an advantage in dancing. Hopefully my pick for this season will win.

Marlee Matlin & Fabian Sanchez

I think she did a great job. For being deaf, she really had a lot of rhythm and could move on the dance floor.

So who did I like tonight? Kristi (of course) and Marlee.

Kristi and Mark Marlee and Fabian

Overall, I think the women did a little better than the men. It should be a great season to watch and see who will win the glass ball trophy.

Dancing With the Stars – The Men

First of all, Mother Nature has a cruel sense of humor. Right when they were introducing the stars, a tornado warning announcement came on the TV. What, how could they interrupt the beginning of DWTS?? I hope everyone is OK in the area of where the tornado is spotted.

DWTS - The Men

But on with the show…

Penn Jillette & Kym Johnson

Well Penn said it, it like teaching Bigfoot to dance. I was surprised on how well he did for a big guy. A lot better than some of the other men that they have had on the show before (remember Master P??).

Jason Taylor & Edyta Sliwinska

Whoa baby… right after the dance was done, I quickly got online and Googled Jason Taylor. For being 6’6”, I thought he moved really well on the floor.

Cristián de la Fuente & Cheryl Burke

Well Cristián definitely looks the part of a Latin dance. I think if he’s on the show a little longer, he could be really good.

Adam Carolla & Julianne Hough

Who know Adam could dance?? Yeah, he had his problems and it might not of looked that good, but at least he didn’t fall or drop Julianne.

Mario & Karina Smirnoff

For being the youngest on the show, he did really good. Not sure if I can handle the whole “Mario and Mario Lopez” thing for as long as this Mario is on the show.Karina still scares me. Carrie Ann Inaba needs to simmer down! She liked Mario a little too much. J

Steve Guttenberg & Anna Trebunskaya

I have always like Steve Guttenberg. He looked like he was having fun dancing.

So who did I like tonight? It was a tie, I voted for Jason Taylor and Steve Guttenberg.

Jason and Edyta Steve and Anna

Tomorrow night it’s the women dancing. Let see how they compare to the men who danced tonight.

DWTS – Season 6: My Picks

Season 6 Stars Season 6 of Danicing With the Stars is going to start on March 17th and I have been trying to figure out who my picks are for the season. I have put so much time in figuring this out, it reminded me of the time I played in a fantasy football league and had to do my research on the players and who I was going to pick.

First of all, I think this season the women are going to shine over the men. I don’t think that Julianne Hough will “three-peat” this season. So after careful research here are my picks*:

I believe Kristi Yamaguchi, having been a professional figure skater, has the best advantage of any of the contestants. She is also very well known from participating in multiple Olympics.

The three contestants that I think will also do well are: Shannon Elizabeth, Steve Guttenburg or Cristian de la Fuente.

I can’t wait for Season 6 to start. Hopefully my picks will do well.

*Always subject to change after the first, second or throughout the season. 🙂

Photo of the Week – UK Game


This picture of from a University of Kentucky football game. My nephew, Brad is somewhere in the crowd of white (the marching band). I was so proud of him that day! Watching him march and play along with the band during the games.

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