Bucket List — Route 66

I’m on a road trip to see cousin as vs ger family for the holidays in Amarillo, Texas.

This is my first time to visit them and my first time in Amarillo.

So far I have had a GREAT time.

I didn’t have any plans to do anything besides spending time with them. They started listing things that we could do. Then they said we could go to 6th Street. I asked them what that was and they said it was Route 66.

My jaw hit the ground! I told them that was something on my Bucket List to do… drive on Route 66.

So we went there. I was so excited. I started taking pictures like a tourist. Here are some of the pictures I took.


never expected that this roadtrip would not only give me time to spend with my family during the holidays. But give me unexpected adventures.

I’m learning the overall theme of this roadtrip is… God works in mysterious ways and there was a reason that I took this roadtrip.

I am truly blessed that I am here right now. It was the place that I needed to be to get some things in order and get back on track.

Bucket List — Drive on Route 66 ✔

Now you go through Saint Looey
Joplin, Missouri
And Oklahoma City is mighty pretty
You see Amarillo
Gallup, New Mexico
Flagstaff, Arizona
Don’t forget Winona
Kingman, Barstow, San Bernandino
Won’t you get hip to this timely tip
When you make that California trip
Get your kicks on Route sixty six

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday.

I’ve always lived my birthday because it’s my own day and I get ti celebrate a year lived and one to see what’s next.

Bucket List Concert — Elton John

On December 12, 2018 I checked off a concert on my Concert Bucket List.. Elton John.

After more than half a century on the road and an unparalleled career that has redefined the cultural landscape and seen him claim his place as a true global icon, Elton has announced via an exclusive VR180 Live Stream on YouTube, details of his final tour called ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’.

I saw him when he stopped in San Antonio, Texas at the AT&T Center.

He played for almost three (3) hours and sang over 25 hits. It was a truly amazing concert.

I’m glad I had a chance to see great entertainer.



Another check off my San Antonio Bucket List — The Ford Holiday River Parade on the Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio.


I’ve always wanted to come see the lights on the Riverwalk after Thanksgiving, but never did. This year I was able to reserve a seat at The Tobin Center, since I’m s season ticket holder. It was an area just for season ticket holders, so I didn’t have to deal with the crowd that comes down for this event.

It was a beautiful night, in the 70’s. The parade was fun, Christmas music in the air. It was a very nice night to be out in San Antonio.

Next year, hopefully I will be with someone special to share this with.

Light the Way

This weekend I checked of another thing I wanted to do in San Antonio. The Light the Way at The University of the Incarnate Word (UIW).

The University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) has been hosting Light the Way annually on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, kicking off the holiday season in San Antonio for over 30 years. The event features entertainment for all ages,

It was a beautiful night and I had a good time there. I will be definitely going back to walk through the campus.

Atlanta Roadtrip

I took a 4-day trip to Atlanta, Georgia and had a great time.

I went to Stone Mountain and climbed the 1-mile hike to the top

I walked around Downtown Atlanta.

Went to the Detroit Pistons vs Atlanta Hawks basketball game.

Got to see the Fall colors. I was surprised how much I missed them.

I saw two old friends, Rob and Gilda.

It was so nice to do things that I wanted to do. But next time, I would like to go with sl ekne special and share the adventures.

Bucket List — Walk Up Stone Mountain

Today was a great day. I checked off something from my Bucket List… the 1 mile walk up Stone Mountain in Georgia.

I knew when I decided to visit Atlanta that going to Stone Mountain what is one of the things I wanted to do. Since I started walking I thought it would be a great idea to walk up to the top of Stone Mountain when I was here. So this morning I made my way to Stone Mountain found the right trail to go up and I walked up the 1 miles up to the very top of Stone Mountain.

It wasn’t a hard climb there were a few steep areas and there were some wet patches on the granite but overall I made the claim without any effort.

Once I was on top of Stone Mountain the view was spectacular it was a brisk 50° up there but the wind made it feel like it was 35°. The first picture is of me on top of Stone Mountain and if you look in the very back you can see the skyline of Atlanta.

I spent a few minutes up there thinking that I would have never been able to make that hike two years ago. It is amazing how far I’ve come to try to get healthy and to try to do more things.

The trek down from the top was a lot easier than going up. I am so glad that I made it up to the top of Stone Mountain and was able to check something off my bucket list. After I was done and that walk I went to the main entrance of Stone Mountain and I walked around the park for a mile. I felt great it must’ve been the fresh Georgia air the bright sunny that day in the accomplishment that I did earlier that day.

So now I need to find what’s next on my bucket list so I can check it off.

Today was a great day.

Side note: the next time I take this adventure I want to do it with someone special so we can share the adventure together.

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