Here Is Your Sign

I have been finding good signs lately. Here are some of them.

Make it a great day!


Mascarita 5k Run/Walk

This past weekend. With the help of my coach, I decided to sign up for my first 5K walk in San Antonio.

The one I picked was the MASCARITA RUN.

The second annual Mascarita 5k Run/Walk! The race is going to take place at the scenic Mission River Walk!

Since April 2018, I have probably been doing a 5K worth of walking, by myself. But this time I will be walking with 100’s of other people.

Anout 2 years ago. When I started my get healthy journey, I told one of my-workers that if I sing up fornan5K walk, of he would do it with me?

It’s only taken me 2 years to finally get to a place where I can walk 5K without passing our or stopping.

So I’m excited about the walk coming up. I hope it’s the first of many that I do.

A special shout out to my coach, RC, thanks for always being a cheerleader and and sounding board when I need it.

Picturs to come.

So True

Saw these and they made me laugh.

Make it a great day.

Need To Find My Word

I have seen these bracelets online and I have always wondered what my word would be?

There are many words that come to mind, but I haven’t found on that comes from my core.

Where do you find
What would be your word?

Random Pictures

Here are some random pictures that I’ve taken with my iPhone.

New Adventure — Enchanted Rock

Over the weekend. I decided to take a roadtrip to Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, Texas.

I had heard of that place and some people I know have been there. So I just thought I would check it out.

We, I had no idea what to expect. It took me abou 90 minutes to get there. It was as in the middle of the afternoon. So, it was in th ed high 90’s. I was told to back lots of water for the “climb” up to the summit.

I was all prepared with my water for this trek to th ed summit. Well, if I would have read more about Enchanted Rock, I would have learned how to get to the top of the rock, you have to climb 425′ up a steep rock.

Once I finally made it to the top, it was so worth it. First I was thrilled that I made it up there. Eighteen months ago, I could have NEVER climb up that rock.

But the view was so beautiful. Blue skies and clouds. There was a nice cool breeze up there.

Enchanted Rock (16710 Ranch Rd 965, Fredericksburg TX) is a pink granite mountain located in the Llano Uplift approximately 17 miles (27 km)north of Fredericksburg, Texas and 24 miles (39 km)south of Llano, Texas, United States. Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, which includes Enchanted Rock and surrounding land, spans the border between Gillespie County and Llano County, south of the Llano River. Enchanted Rock covers approximately 640 acres (260 ha) and rises approximately 425 feet (130 m) above the surrounding terrain to elevation of 1,825 feet (556 m) above sea level. It is the largest pink granite monadnock in the United States. Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, a part of the Texas state park system, includes 1,644 acres (665 ha). Designated a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark in 1936.

From Wikipedia

Here’s a picture of me on top of the rock.

I’m wearing my new Detroit Lions t-shirt. There is a story on that, but that’s for another day.

I had such a great time there, I will name more trips up there. It even inspired me to take the trek up Stone Mountain in Georgia!

This picture is me thanking Jesus that I made it down the rock safety.

The top of the rock is above my head.

After I left Enchanted Rock. I drive to downtown Fredericksburg for dinner at ins of the German restaurant. It was really good.

After that, since I had to get my steps in, that’s a whole other story too, I parked my car and walked the sidewalks.

It was such a pretty night to be walking about. I stopped to get a treat snd headed to the park to enjoy it.

After I was done, I felt the need to get more steps in. So I walked around the park for about 30 minutes.

I was ready to call it a night and drove home while listen to my 80’s music.

It was such a great day and I cannot wait to go back.

Side note: my goal is to get 20,000 steps in a day, I went way over that on that day. Thanks RC for pushing me to work towards my goals.

Song of the Day

I’m back on my 80’s music kick.

Here is one of my favorites from the 80’s.

“Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol.

I can’t wait till later this year, I will be seeing Billy Idol (for the first time) in concert at The Tobin Center in San Antonio, Texas.


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