How True

Words to definitely live by.


Accept What Is

Well, as much as I wanted and wished for this one thing to happen…

12 Things

I think I’ve shared this before. But I needed to remind myself of these again. 

Make it a great day.

So True… Not Going To Forget

Sometimes, Iat be a lite dramatic. But when I saw this, it hit the nail on the head 100%. The person may never know what they did to me… but I do. 

So, this is me. I don’t trust easily and when I do, it means everything to me. It was a friendship, nothing major, but that friendship meant something to me. 

You mess up that trust… Your loss!

Just What I Needed

Saw this today and had to share. 

It was something I needed to read and remind myself.

Make it a great day. 

Here Is Your Sign

Well, my previous post was about being burnt by someone who I thought I could trust. 

I saw this and it told me what my next step should be. 

One year is too long to feel the way I have been. I will not let that person have that power over me anymore. 

Time to be free!


Trust, such a big word in my world.

I gave that trust to someone and it got thrown out the window. Not sure how or when I will give my trust to someone again. 

I need to move beyond what happened, but it’s hard. 

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