Riddle Me This…

Tell me HOW someone can lie right to your face and make it like it’s fault?

$64,000,000 question.

Words to Live By

George Carlin… 

To My Friends

Seems I’m finally seeing what is important in my life. It’s taken me 1/2 of a century to do it, but I’m getting there.

I need to trust, believe and treasure those, family and friends, near and far, who are there for me. I don’t need to be concerned about the ones that I thought were my friend and make me question my worth.

So to all of you who are my friends, here’s my message to you.

Time to Walk Away

Oh, yeah… just what I’ve been thinking lately. I will not beg to be anyone’s friend… no more.

Not going to lie, I’m beyond disappointed to be losing a friend that I thought I could trust and said that I could. 

Life Is Too Short

More and more I need to believe this. it amazes me how I let people and situations effect me.

Especially,everything happens for a reason.

Bitter or Better

Here is another great saying I saw posted on Facebook.

I’ll tell you, the closer I get to 50, the less bullshit I’m willing to accept from anyone… family and friends (or so called friends  who say I can trust them).

Your Actions Reflect You

Finally, I’m beginning to understand sometimes it’s not me.

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