Once again, exactly what I needed to read. Tomorrow will be getting some news that one way another, will change my life.

At the end, I need to be FINE.


You Can Do This

I have a co-worker, who’s become a friend. They are going through a rough patch right now, but I know they will come out the other side stronger than ever!

You’re in my prayers.


I’m having a meh day today. So when I saw this, it brought back some bad memories and the people/person who I still can’t forgive yet.

One day I will.

The Five W’s of Lufe

As always, when I need to read something to help me, it pops up somewhere.

Words To Live By

I didn’t know this artist until his name was mentioned that passed away. But when I saw his quote, it hit me hard.

Wise words from a young man. R.I.P. Avicii.

Need To Be Calm

I can easily go bat-shit crazy in less than 30 seconds, but right now, I need to be calm.


Life is about to get really interesting for me. But for right now, I need to be able to count on my friends.

I’m going to need all the stars I have.

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